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  1. Kate Salvador says:

    I CANNOT stop RAVING about this place to everyone I know!!!

    Dr. Dang is an absolute MIRACLE WORKER and truly one of the kindest souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting!! I felt right at home and received such an incredibly warm welcome! I have been going twice a week the past month and it has absolutley become the highlight of my week!!!

    Dr. Dang is not only more kind and compassionate than ANY practitioner I’ve EVER had an appointment with, but he is also the most thorough and attentive!!! I’m amazed at how thorough he is! I never once felt rushed at all and he is always fully present during all of our interactions. I always feel seen, heard, and respected, and it genuinely feels like he wants to help me accomplish my goals.

    The practice itself has been PROFOUNDLY beneficial to my my overall mental health and well-being!!! I have struggled with the absolute WORST jaw tension/TMJ issues the past year and he helped me come up with a personalized treatment plan using electro acupuncture to tackle all of my issues head on. I wasn’t sure how the electro acupuncture would feel at first but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!! I feel an immediate release of my tension, as if it was slowly melting away.

    I asked if he could help me come up with a plan to balance my energy and help me do some inner work healing as well and he set me up with a specialized treatment plan that involved full body acupuncture and a heat lamp over my navel – this treatment puts me into an incredibly deep peaceful, meditative state and I honestly leave there in a state of pure euphoric bliss lol

    I’ve done various forms of body/energy work and this has been BY FAR been one of the most effective practices for me.

    I feel like I leave each session walking on cloud nine. My partner jokes about how much of a better mood I am after going to these appointments lol. I find it’s most beneficial if you set intentions prior to the appointment on what you want to get out of the session. The lovely ladies at the front desk are also super kind and helpful.

    I am truly SO grateful that I’ve discovered this little gem! If you’re looking for a amazing acupuncturist in MA, I highly recommend Dr. Dang!!! This place is absolutely incredible – if I could go daily, I absolutely would lol.

  2. Tamika Ramsey says:

    Dr Dang is simply amazing, he is incredibly knowledgeable. I was referred to him after sharing with a friend of my struggles trying to conceive and my husband and I have tried so many different options. I finally got the pleasure of meeting with Dr Dang and shared my struggles with him. He was so calm and supportive and reassuring of ways we could heal my body from within with acupuncture. I started my treatments twice a week since the first week of January. I can happily share that I am currently pregnant and expecting my baby November 2023. When it was confirmed I was elated to share this news with Dr Dang, because he helped me get here. I wished I met Dr Dang a lot sooner during my journey. Dr Dang and his front office staff are so wonderful. They made this experience extremely calming and easy, I am now doing weekly appointments with Dr Dang until baby arrives. Thank you Dr Dang and your front office Nu

  3. Amelia "Leo" Balik says:

    Dr. Dang is a very kind and caring individual, and I have been fortunate to receive treatment from him for the past six months at his Worcester office. I initially sought treatment for hip pain, but in the past several months, I have received treatment for allergies, asthma, and neck/back pain. During my first visit, he thoroughly explained the procedures of acupuncture (which I was familiar with) and cupping (which I was not). Dr. Dang makes adjustments in the treatment based on what I need. He is always open to answering my many questions, which is invaluable in a healthcare professional. I am so grateful that I found his practice, and I only regret that I didn’t learn about Horizon Acupuncture sooner.

  4. Deborah Hanley says:

    Dr. Richard Dang is a highly knowledgeable, congenial, and professional provider of Chinese medicine. He comes from a family steeped in medical expertise through both traditional Chinese medicine and Western modalities.

    Overall, he has given me what I’ve been missing from our customary medical care: namely, a true patient partnership, effective treatment, a calm healing environment, superb communications and treatment skills, and superior customer service—so lacking in today’s medical environment, particularly for aging women. (None of that goes on here.)

    For many years I have believed that medical treatments offered outside of modern Western modalities have been mislabeled as “alternative.” With the deep history of Chinese medicine alone, I think Western medicine should be considered the alternative, only somewhat coming into focus in the 1800s. It’s possible to find curative remedies in the modalities we have labeled as alternative.

    With Covid bearing down for many months, along with a diagnosis Epstein Barr, I developed back pain which was not resolving after several months. I knew I had to try another avenue that didn’t include pain pills or surgery which I avoid like the plague. Accupuncture had resolved a serious sciatic issue for me years ago and it was time to turn back to it again.

    Kate, who works with Dr. Dang, predetermined that my insurance would cover my treatment with the usual copay being my responsibility. After three accupuncture treatments from Dr. Dang, there is not a twinge of remaining back pain left.

    I loved the experience in Dr. Dang’s sunny and lovely facility, and plan on continuing appointments regularly as a proactive component of my health and well-being. I am 70 years of age.

  5. Leslie says:

    I live with a chronic illness involving multiple layers within a complex health picture. Richard Dang is a multi-talented practitioner who knows how to navigate the complicated terrain of my experience and he gets to the heart of what needs to be done, on my part as well as his. He is not only a skilled, creative, intuitive acupuncturist but a gifted provider who powerfully addresses individual needs with custom-prepared Chinese herb formulas. I’m especially grateful Richard prescribed an herb formula that took me out of a particular health crisis that was severely debilitating. While I was feeling pretty crummy at the start, once the daily tea regimen took hold, I felt like I had a new lease on life!

    Entering Horizon Acupuncture and treatment rooms is like walking into a stress-free zone that prepares me for the care I’ve come to rely on and trust. When I arrive for treatments, Richard always greets me with a smile and a positive attitude. HIs staff is equally professional as well as kind and his choices of background music support and deepen the overall healing experience.


  6. Dianne D. says:

    I began seeing Dr. Dang for an ocular migraine about six weeks ago. The disturbances in my visual field, e.g., flashes and flutters, at the time of onset at the end of March, were quite strong and I have noticed a substantial improvement since I began receiving Dr. Dang’s acupuncture treatments. In addition to being a skilled practitioner, Dr. Dang is a true artist, and definitely practices the art of healing. I am very happy with the results of my treatment and would highly recommend him!

  7. Kate says:

    I highly recommend! I did a lot of research in order to find a good acupuncturist in Worcester. I am so so so glad I went to Horizon Acupuncture. Dr Dang is absolutely incredible. I have a lot of GI problems and Dr. Dang’s treatments have been incredibly helpful.

  8. Marilyn says:

    I highly recommend Richard Dang and Horizon Acupuncture.

    I have been going to Horizon Acupuncture since August of this year, after suffering from limited neck mobility,severe pain when sleeping on my right side, and quick, sharp, painful, twinges from my neck to my shoulder. After one visit and treatment to Horizon, I experienced immediate relief; I could turn my neck slightly, and the pain and the twinges disappeared completely. My neck continues to improve and the change is visible as it no long tilts to the side!

    I highly recommend Horizon Acupuncture and Richard Dang. He has provided me with:
    *an honest assessment of my problem.
    *a correct diagnosis and treatment.
    *a genuine care and concern for my well-being.

  9. Megan says:

    Little over two months ago I decided to try accupunture after experiencing back pain. After hearing success from a friend who had been seeing Dr. Dang for about a year I decided to schedule an appointment. I can not say enough of positive things about Dr. Dang and his practice. He is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and friendly. I am very trusting in his expertise and would not even think to go else where! In addition his practice is always immaculate. With great appointment availability I am always able to schedule an appointment which fits my busy schedule. I can honesty say this is the best my body has felt in over a year! I wish I had started seeing Dr. Dang sooner!

  10. Ron W. says:

    I went to see Dr. Richard Dang a few months ago for treatment of sciatic nerve pain. After Dr. Dang’s treatment, The pain has been eliminated, and I have become more flexible than I have in years. I would highly recommend Dr. Dang for anyone who has ever experienced this type of pain.

  11. Rebecca Y says:

    I started seeing Richard over two months ago for a few things including a herniated disc, excessive stress, and an autoimmune condition. I am very open minded about eastern and integrative therapies and I have lost faith in standard western medicine. Richard has been open and honest about his approach to my health and I am working hard to comply with all of his recommendations both herbal and lifestyle changes. He has worked miracles in the two months I have been seeing him and I have all the faith that he will be able to address all that ails me. I highly recommend Richard and Horizon Acupuncture to anyone that is on the fence about acupuncture and those that want to live a better life.

  12. Dan Aubertin says:

    I came to Richard in September 2016, I was on crutches for my debilitating condition which I had. Richard saved my legs. I did stimulation electric acupuncture at Richard’s acupuncture facility. Between my visits being covered by Masshealth and me paying for some out of my own, I did home physical therapy, I Started walking on my own. He did acupressure on my legs,I am forever grateful to Richard. I got to know him and his awesome co-worker Van.

  13. Steve says:

    Thanks so much for the help Dr. Dang. I came in because I started having extreme cases of insomnia where my body just wouldn’t sleep no matter how tired I was nor how little sleep I had gotten. At it’s most extreme I had gotten 3 hours of sleep in 60 hours. My doctors ran so many tests and could not find anything wrong. I started seeing specialty doctors who ran specialized tests but could also not find anything medically wrong. So, I decided to try eastern style treatments and went to Horizon with my issue. Dr. Dang was very sympathetic to my insomnia and made it a goal to work with me until we figured out exactly what the root causes were. He started me on acupuncture / acupressure massage treatment with herbal medicine as well. I actually started sleeping better and better over the next few months. During that time, I was able to start pinpointing some things in my diet and lifestyle as possible aggravators to my insomnia. I was able to cut those things out and now feel I am recovered. With the help of Dr. Dang and the acupuncture, we were able to get my symptoms under control and locate some root causes. I cannot thank Dr. Dang enough for giving me my life back!

  14. Anne says:

    I have had Raynaud’s Phenomenon in both my hands and feet for about 12 years. Because the cause is unknown, there is no cure. It has gotten progressively worse, more painful, and limits my activities. I started seeing Richard for acupuncture and massage in November 2015. He also suggested soaking in a Chinese herbal solution. I have seen a definite improvement in both my feet and hands. I recommend him to anyone who suffers from this. He looks at the whole person and suggests many ways to deal with an issue, according to an individual’s lifestyle. A very refreshing and different approach from western medicine!

  15. Angela says:

    My daughter Mia is 16 years old and has been suffering with painful IBS for 10 years. After years at Childrens hospital and horrible meds that had side effects that made life worse. We took a shot with accupunture and herbs. It has been life changing for her. she is off all meds and with her treatments and herbs days are much more managable. We are so thankful for all of the help!!

  16. Amanda says:

    I have been having back pain on and off since my teens and nothing that my primary care doctor suggests ever works. I don’t like taking medications if I don’t have to, so when a friend suggested Dr. Dang I was more than happy to give it a try. Before my first visit was even over I was already feeling relief! Dr. Dang is so attentive and understanding. His knowledge for his work makes me feel comfortable that I am receiving the best care possible. I am so excited to have found Horizon Acupuncture!

  17. Izabela H. says:

    I have been having back pain on and off since I was little. I don’t like taking pills and always look for alternatives. I had acupuncture done before on my back (in Worcester) but it doesn’t compare to what Richard does. He fixed me right up! Just after few treatments the pain was gone and I could sit comfortably again. It is not only the acupuncture that helped, Richard also did acupressure on my back, the combination of the two was exactly what my back needed. I am very happy that I found this place and I recommend to only go there for treatment.

  18. Terri Leary says:

    Last year, I had pain in my hip that radiated to my leg and caused me severe discomfort. I went to PT for it, and my doctor prescribed pain killers, but I don’t like to take medications if I don’t need to. I decided to go to see if acupuncture could help. Three weeks later, my pain was completely gone and it has not returned. Dr. Dang is compassionate, professional and accommodating to my schedule. I have begun to see him again for pain in my elbow, and not only does the acupuncture and massage help significantly, he also advised me concerning how I sit at my desk and use my keyboard, my posture, and other seemingly passive activities that may be exacerbating the problem. His approach to whole body health is refreshing and encouraging—instead of throwing chemicals and artificial medications at the problem, he recommends herbal remedies, lifestyle changes and manipulation of your environment. I highly recommend him as the FIRST response, not merely a last ditch effort, to your pain and injury control.

  19. Jessica Esposito says:

    Four years ago, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder called Myasthenia Gravis. Periodically I suffer from severe bouts of double vision, general fatigue, and emotional stress which greatly impacts my daily life. I began seeing Richard in February of 2014 and my quality of life has greatly improved! After each treatment I feel much more relaxed and have a greater amount of energy that allows me to go about my day. My double vision has also improved immensely in the short time I have been receiving treatment. In addition, the physical space is always clean, welcoming, and relaxing. Most importantly, Richard is incredibly calm, knowledgable, and takes the time to listen to your concerns and figure out the best treatment for your condition. I’m so glad I chose Horizon Acupuncture and I will definitely be a client for a long time!

  20. Tina Chan says:

    I have been living with sciatica pain for 2 months could not walk or stand for long periods of time without pain. I decided to get acupuncture treatment for this pain results were immediate it takes time depending on severity of pain. With each treatment the pain gets less . The only thing i regret is why did i wait so long? Most people say they don’t like needles but it doesn’t hurt at all. This approach is much better than taking pain pills . Dr Dang does a great job if your in any pain you have to see him.

    Tina Chan

  21. Doug Ross says:

    I went to see Richard about 9 months as a lifetime sufferer of IBS. Over the years I tried working with physicians and had every test imaginable to determine the cause and a solution to my problem. During my first visit Richard spent a lot of time asking questions and explaining his plan to treat my condition with herb therapy.

    As a result of working with Richard the symptoms I dealt with for more that 40 years are under control. He is a very caring person that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a natural remedy to what ails them.

    Thank you Richard!

    D. Ross

  22. Ashley says:

    Very pleased to be writing a review for Richard at Horizon Acupuncture. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident back in September and had some painful spasms in my neck and shoulders. Without the use of medication or unnecessary visits to the “regular” doctor, I am now completely healed and pain free! I would recommend Richard to anyone experiencing not only physical pain, but any kind of imbalance. He is a true healer! Thank you Richard!

  23. Bob Cirba says:

    It is with great pleasure that I write this review about Horizon Acupuncture. Richard is nothing short of amazing, and this is the first time I tried this holistic approach to healing. I had moderate to severe Sciatic pain in my glute and started with Richard. Within a short period of time I have seen great progress and now am working with less pain after each treatment. I am a contactor so a day off is not really an option and Richard is keeping me working and pain free. I can NOT say enough about this guy and would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who has not tried this form of treatment. The BEST pure and simple!

  24. Jeannine Hobson says:

    I was pulling my granddaughter in a snow tube 2 weeks ago and injured my back. After seeing my regular md, I was
    given muscle relaxants and told I had a nerve impingement. A friend recommended Dr Richard Dang. After 3 visits
    to Dr. Dang, I am totally better with no pain and no meds. It was an amazing experience. I’m still in awe at how
    I am totally healed.

  25. veronica griffin says:

    It is with great devotion and gratitude that I share my situation . I have known Richard Dang since he arrived here. As his ESL teacher, I respected this young man because of his keen intelligence, kindness and inquistive nature. He was an outstanding student who I knew would leave giant footsteps on the earth. Little did I know that 20 years later he would be my salvation. I have suffered from severe back problems since a child with polio and scoliosis. Over the course of the last school year, I was in intense pain and eventually becoming immobile. My friend, Dr.Norman Bress, who is an outstanding rheumatologist ran all the tests. The most pressing problem was spinal stenosis with rhematoid arthritis and 2 ruptured discs. He recommended the spine center. However when I found out that Richard was doing acupuncture I conferred with my primary care physician and Dr.Bress. They both agreed that it would be helpful. At the end of March, I was unable to get up and down my stairs and was forced to retire to my great chagrin. Life was just so depressing. I began the acupuncture and massage therapy, With each visit, the progress was palpable and I really began to see light at the end of the tunnel. It’s like having your own miracle worker. My nephew who is an anesthesologist and heads the pain clinic in Santa Cruz, California had been urging me all along. My life has changed and I am walking without a cane, swimming, driving back and forth to Maine, and plan to begin subbing because teaching is my passion. It is clear to me that teachers reap many benefits….Dr. Richard Dang , a professional and certified acupuncturists is one of my great reasons to have taught.

  26. TUAN HUYNH says:

    My name is Tuan Huynh. I live in Worcester, Massachusetts. I have been getting cold and diarrhea for 20 years. When I go out of my house, I put on many clothes. I am exhausted everyday. Richard Dang is the best acupuncturist who treated my conditions very well. My cold and diarrhea are gone. I am happy now. I highly recommend Richard Dang to anyone who has the same conditions as mine.

  27. Stavroula Tsolias Brennan says:

    Hi, I have moved to Worcester from Boston. I had one of the best acupuncture treatment in Roslindale and I did not have the time to travel to Boston. I met Richard who is blessed with his healing. He is the BEST OF WORCESTER. Thank you Richard.

  28. Byron Menides says:

    Recovering from brain surgery in August 2011, I contacted Richard Dang of Horizon Acupuncture who successfully relieved arthritis pain in one of my hips six years ago. I attribute my rapid recovery of the brain surgery to a combination of targeted medication and Richard’s acupuncture sessions. I will soon be off all brain medication and will continue acupuncture maintenance with Richard Dang. I highly recommended.
    Byron Menides

  29. Susan Hansen says:

    I first started seeing Dr. Richard Dang back in 2003 for grief and body pain that I was experiencing after the loss of my mother. Deciding to be treated by Richard at Horizon Acupuncture is one of the best decisions I have ever made. With each visit through the last 8 years, Richard assesses my need and works to relieve my discomfort and has an objective to find the source of the problem—not cover it up with drugs or temporary treatments. He had treated me for: falling on the ice, snow shoveling injury, sciatica, shoulder pain from rowing, knee pain, twisted ankle, neck pain, headaches, foot injury, stress, insomnia, arthritis, and things I can’t even remember—-I sound like a train wreck. He treats you holistically and cares about your emotional and physical health. My family has heard so much about the wonderful ways he has helped me over the years…they routinely say he’s my “Savior”–and in many ways, it’s true. He is the first person I call when I am hurting. Before going to Richard, I had seen 3 other acupuncturists and countless western doctors–but, none of them came close to the attention to your needs, sincere interest, professionalism and, most importantly, the results that he provides–every time—-all I can say is….Thank you, thank you, thank you Richard—you are a true Healer.

  30. P. Sutphen says:

    Entering the waiting area of the office, I felt better already. It’s clean, uncluttered, and peaceful.
    I am a 75 years old female suffering from depression for 50 of those years. Western medicine and pills never worked well for me. After several weeks of treatment for depression and anxiety, the symptoms of the illnesses were under control. I was also walking with constant and severe pain of my legs. Again acupuncture got rid of the pain. My life is much better now. I would recommend Dr. Richard Dang to all my friends.
    P. Sutphen

  31. D Phan says:

    I’ve been treated for migraine, neck and shoulder pain. It’s very effective. The symptoms relieved and almost gone after one session. I sometimes still come back for mainternance. The clinic is very clean and peaceful. Once I step in, I feel my stress level reduced right away. The aroma, the fungshui, the meditation music along with the acupuncture make me relax physically and mentally.

    In our Asian culture, we call the acupunturist: “doctor”. I have referred many of my friends, relatives, clients to Dr. Dang. Many of them could avoid unnecessary surgery. I would recommend it to anyone who seeks alternative medicines.

    D. Phan

  32. Ken Noisette says:

    I attended Richard Dang of Horizon Acupuncture Clinic for the first time approximately six months ago with a little fear and a lot of skepticism having never before tried any form of complimentary medicine for an ankle injury I received in a basketball game. My ankle healed completely within a month or two, and has been great ever since.

    At that same time, I was also dealing with chronic issues of allergies, asthma, and acid reflux. I tried to self-treated and also went to every doctor you can think of, just for a slight possible relief, yet alone being cured. Following a thorough professional and detailed discussion of my medical history, Richard outlined the areas where he felt I could benefit from. Shortly thereafter a course of acupuncture treatments which was neither painful nor unpleasant but surprisingly it was quite the contrary resulting in an experience more similar to massages leaving me feeling totally relaxed and unwound. The days following each session have resulted in the most remarkable levels of energy throughout the day which are now continuing for weeks at a time.

    I thank Richard for his introduction to the world of Acupuncture and would whole-heartedly recommend his services to anyone.

    K. Noisette

  33. Verna Reidy says:

    Hi Richard,

    With this newest course of acupuncture treatments, I have been thinking about the role acupuncture has played in my self-care. Other than the occasional maintenance visit, I think this is only the second time in five years since I’ve been coming to you for treatments that I’ve needed multiple visits. I think this is miraculous for a 63 years old female who sometimes mistreats her body and has a tendency to overdo physically, with my I-want-it-done-now tendency. Anyway, I think the fact that I require so little medical treatment (I take no medication) speaks to the effectiveness of acupuncture in an overall program of health, including good nutrition and excercise.

    I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your willingness to accomodate my schedule and for the dedication and professionalism you exhibit at all times. It is so supportive and healing to be able to be treated on an as-needed basis. Thanks again for all that you do.

    Healthfully yours,
    V. J. Reidy

  34. Joanne Hoch says:

    I am an 84 years old very active woman who because of a sciatic problem plus circulation in the legs and rotator cuff problem have found much relief from acupuncture treatments by Dr. Dang for the last eight years.

    J. Hoch

  35. Rudolph Hoch says:

    I am an 88 years old man who because of a sciatic problem plus a few other ailments which were not responding to regular treatments have found relief through acupuncture from going to Dr. Dang.

    R. Hoch

  36. Sebastien Nelson says:

    If you have not tried acupuncture then you are truly missing out on better health. I was refered by my cousin to try acupuncture, I had to think about it for a while because I thought needles wasn’t for me. I was so fed up with the symptoms of fatigue, anxiety and stress that I decided to try acupuncture at least one time.

    After my first visit, I was very impressed. I even felt asleep while having the treatment. I felt so much better and energized that I had to continue getting the treatments.

    Richard is a true professional, kind and obviously knowledgeable about acupuncture. He knows and can explain to you in lay terms how your body works in relation to Chinese medical techniques and practices. Over several weeks that I was in his care, I saw a steady improvement in my energy level to the point where I felt fully functional before we even terminated the treatments.

    I highly recommended acupuncture to everyone especially with Richard’s special acupuncture treatments.

    -S. Nelson

  37. Thank you so much for the hospitality, professionalism and business with Holistic and Organic Living.
    The clinic is amazing and beautiful. Every time I walk in there, the aroma of Chinese herbs fill my senses and makes me feel at home. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I would recommend you to anyone.

    I look forward to seeing your clinic grow and prosper!

    S. Jordanov

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